Our services

Marketing strategy.

We’re firm believers in looking ahead and planning for a successful future – and that means working alongside businesses to help define their objectives and putting together an effective strategy in order to achieve them.

Brand identity.

Brands matter to businesses; in fact they’re one of the most valuable assets they own. A brand’s identity is fundamental to the way it’s perceived by its audience; the way it communicates, behaves and interacts with the world is something that needs to be carefully developed  and protected.

Digital design and development.

We are digital specialists, which means we understand how to develop materials for the online arena, and are also adept at integrating every aspect of your brand’s visual presence into the digital realm. The result is solutions that aren’t just optimised, scalable and compliant across a range of digital media, they are also consistent with every other manifestation of your brand, no matter where they appear.


Digital marketing.

Digital channels open up a world of communication possibilities, but they must be used intelligently if they’re going to reach your market successfully and deliver on  their potential. Our digital marketing solutions drive traffic and conversions by using a range of tools including:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • SEO set-up and audit services
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Landing page analysis
  • Social media management
  • Usability studies
  • Lead generation
  • Analytic tracking and reporting
  • Content creation, outreach and distribution
  • Penalty audit and removal


While online sales aren’t the only game in town, there’s no doubt that digital channels offer an outstanding and ever more important  means of selling to your customers. Our specialist teams can develop a range of online stores, integrating the provision of interest free credit where appropriate, and back-end retail systems using electronic data interchange (EDI).

Social media.

Engaging your audience is key to your brand’s digital future, and our social media services can help establish your social brand and create connections for success.

Our services include:

  • Brand guideline creation
  • Social media assessment
  • Social team training
  • Social audit and reporting
  • Following and fan procurement
  • Community management
  • Social broadcasting
  • Social reputation management

We focus our efforts on the leading social media platforms:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


Just because it’s often seen as the traditional option doesn’t mean that print doesn’t still matter. In an age dominated by digital, print is tactile and seductive a great way to stand out from the crowd. Our skilled designers are print experts, so we can work across all formats from initial concept through to print and production, with options including:

  • Promotional literature
  • Product books
  • Technical manuals
  • Point of sale
  • Forms
  • Direct mail

Direct mail and campaign analysis.

We can devise, execute and manage full direct mail campaigns, from initial design and obtaining quality data through to organising print, fulfilment and analysis.


Technology might evolve at breakneck speed, but words remain at the heart of virtually every communication. Using words effectively is a very particular skill, and our team includes talented copywriters who have been deploying killer verbs, nouns and adjectives for decades.

Customer journey mapping.

If your customers are to enjoy a smooth journey, your systems must work together seamlessly. We can integrate systems to ensure that when a customer decides to buy, the technology helps rather than hinders their intention.


Vivid imagery can really bring a brand to life, giving you a unique and ownable visual presence. Our photographers understand how to make sure your message lies at the heart of each image, whether in the online or offline worlds.

Video and motion graphics.

If there’s one thing the digital world loves, it’s the moving image. Video and motion graphics are at the heart of so many brand campaigns for good reason because they have been demonstrated time and again to deliver the engagement that drives success. Our teams can create powerful videos and animations that tell stories, carry messages and deliver results.

PR and reputation management.

Our skilled team has a wide variety of PR experience, from B2B and financial services through to huge consumer campaigns. By integrating PR into your brand strategy, we are able to ensure that messages are interpreted in the right way, while reputation management can build your brand and minimise the negative impact should problems arise in print or online.


In our visual culture, an infographic can be a very effective way of communicating brand stories, particularly those that involve complex messages and data. We have skilled illustrators who work with your information to produce eye-catching infographics that blend images with information perfect for blogging, content outreach and sharing across social media.

Management information reporting.

Brand campaigns don’t exist in a bubble, and the only way to assess their impact is to monitor their effectiveness, analyse the results and compile reports that allow us and your business to act on what we learn. Our bespoke management information (MI) reports are rich with detail allowing transparent analysis of what we’ve achieved and helping us understand how we can achieve even more.

Interior Design

For a brand to thrive it must exist in every environment – we believe interior design plays a major part in bringing to life branding within both internal and external spaces.  Our offer includes: Design and planning, budgeting, sourcing, mood boards / detailed proposal, 3D visuals, bespoke wallpapers, signage and project management of the design phase.

Plug have been an absolutely superb asset to our business in a number of ways both in our early start up days and during phenomenal growth periods.

Bill Tolmie, Managing Director, Synapse